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It all started on a Saturday night in a game of UNO that endangered a long-standing friendship, because Joan always takes personal the +4 that Nuria and Pere throw. As the night and memories arose, they thought it was time to make a Road Trip and go skiing to the Pyrenees, and between drinks they decided that the couple who lost would be responsible for the search of the best price in Andorra. Honestly, they didn’t have a big budget but they did feel like it.

Joan lost, picked up the laptop, assumed his great responsibility, and took the search for granted …


After searching some websites, he recalled that someone recommended him Wuau Hotels and without thinking about it, he went to Google and found… Wuau Surprising Hotels….

It was everything they were looking for! A building called Solana de Ransol that had as a option a studio apartment that met all its requirements.

  • Table for UNO
  • Good price
  • Cozy apartment fully equipped
  • Ski passes with insurance upon arrival
  • Ski equipment bonuses
  • Free Wifi
  • Transfer to Grandvalira Slopes
  • Bonuses not expected: Pool and Sauna

Meanwhile, on another side of the world, the Capdevilla family enjoyed a typical afternoon at home until Nana called with a single goal: Family Holidays.

The grandparentes had analyzed, studied, reserved and planned everything. They only called to communicate the following:

´´We have a reservation at Segle XX Apartments, Ransol, Andorra.

An almost brand new apartment with capacity for 6 people, with the services of the Hotel Segle XX included. Family entertainment, swimming pool and free sauna. With the possibility of breakfast and dinner at the Restaurant Buffet of the Hotel. We also have tickets to Caldea for everyone, dog sledding for the little ones, ski lessons, ski passes and even a reservation in a Borda to delight us with the typical food of Andorra´´

Faced with such a proposal, who can say no?

Suitcases in the car, and both groups went into a fun trip that promises.

Days later, both the Capdevilla family and the group of friends were enjoying their well-deserved vacations at the Wuau Surprising Hotels establishments and signed up for the cheerleader’s invitation to the Hotel Bar. What was the surprise? The first activity was the UNO game … what Joan still does not know is that the Nanna of the Capdevilla family ensures that the person who can defeat her has not yet been born …

If you are interested in knowing how the story ended, you just have to book and cheer up a to a Wuau Surprising experience!

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