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By | 29 April, 2020 | 0 comments

We are in a time when, no matter which hemisphere we are in, we are immersed in a context of emergency, need, confinement and many other states that are not always easy to endure.

Although we believe it is necessary to have those days in which it hurts us to accept that our plans / desires / rights / wishes are altered, delayed and even cancelled, we also believe that it is time to take advantage of this situation, and not only to take online courses or cooking workshops. We mean something much deeper…

What do you think if we take advantage of this very complex and extraordinary situation to get some things clear?

  1. STOP: We mean slowing down our thoughts and calling that deep imagination inherent in any pandemic. Those changes in the way of thinking can reflect not only altruism at the moment, but a deeper emotional growth that can last longer than a crisis.
  2. SIMPLICITY: How easy and fast it could be to reduce emissions and clean the air in our cities and towns.
  3. VALUE: Public services as essential.
  4. OPPORTUNITY: To share tasks and care.
  5. CONSCIOUSNESS: Realizing the empathic and collective potential to preserve life.
  6. EXPERIENCE: Paradigm changes regarding new ways of connecting with other cultures and even new and responsible ways of vacationing.
  7. RESILIENCE: We are incredibly capable of adapting to any type of situation
  8. SHARE: Take advantage of every possible moment to enjoy our loved ones.

The coronavirus is likely to mark an evolution in our security against the possible arrival of a new threat. And with it, the possibility of transforming ourselves, evolve, and grow strengths much powerful…

Remember…Every cloud has a silver lining!

At Wuau Hotels, we will be waiting for you with open arms, ready to enjoy and have fun without forgetting the importance of your well-being.

Andorra, a great little country with the security of a great vacation.

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